Basement Floor Coverings: A New Generation

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When you finish your basement into additional living space for your home, you will want to do away with the concrete floor by putting down some type of basement floor coverings. You'll want something that's resistant to moisture, not because you need it now, but being a basement you never know what may happen, and you want a flooring that will insulate that cold concrete and keep your feet a bit warmer. Although there are certain floor coverings of choice for upstairs rooms, you need to be a bit more selective in choosing those you put into your lower level.

Some experts recommend painting your concrete floor, and if it's in good condition, that is an option. There are special epoxy paints designed specifically for basement floors. Many people, however, don't like the look and think that painted concrete is still just a basement floor. They want the freedom to use their own tastes to make a cozy living space. Some good choices for these people include tile flooring, either ceramic or vinyl.

There are also some lesser-known types of flooring that have been designed just for basement use, such as NatureStone. This flooring is made using a composite of natural stone and a specially-formulated resin epoxy. When poured over concrete floors, this mixture hardens into a tough material that is durable, stain-resistant, and long-lasting. One of the great advantages to this type of poured flooring is that it will level uneven basement floors making them smooth and flat.

Bad Basement Floor Coverings: Carpets

Using carpet in a basement setting isn't a good idea, because it doesn't hold up well in moist conditions. Even though your basement may not have flooding problems, it may still be a bit damp due to seepage through the walls and floor or just because you do a lot of laundry down there in the unventilated area. Carpet fibers will absorb the moisture, and mold and mildew will develop. These same things are true of hardwood flooring, too, along with the additional problems of warping and rotting..

By doing some online research, you'll be able to find many different options for basement floor coverings. There are many good alternatives to the kinds of flooring you use on the upper floors of your home, and there's sure to be something that will reflect your taste and give you the basement space you've always wanted.

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